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MEETINGS 2022-2023


Society meetings are normally held on the second Friday of each month from September to July and are free for members (See how to become a member on our Join Us Page).  Visitors are very welcome (£2 at the door) - Please bring cash, change preferred, we have no card payment facilities.

All these meetings will be from 7.30 - 9.30pm in our normal room on the Plymouth University campus, Room - Rolle 002 (Ground floor).

There is a map on the Join Us page of our website


For any further details regarding these meetings, get in touch with us on our Contact Us page.


Friday 9th September 2022
“How the Icy Moons of Jupiter became a goal for space exploration” by our Patron, Professor David Southwood - Previously Director of Science and Robotic Exploration at the European Space Agency and previously President of the Royal Astronomical Society


Next year the European Space Agency will launch a mission to explore the icy moons of Jupiter.  The Galilean moons of Jupiter have long held a fascination but it was only in the 1990s that it was realised quite how remarkable the three icy moons, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto were.  All show some evidence of subsurface oceans of water and all thus could even be where life evolves.  At the same time, they all differ between themselves and also in how they interact with the Jupiter environment.  The history of how our current knowledge of the moons developed, the various ideas for their exploration and the political and technical ups and downs of getting to where we are now will be described.


Friday 14th October 2022

“Tin Can Astronomy: following the path of the Sun in the sky” by Mr Chris Cooke, Committee - Plymouth Astronomical Society

With supplemental "Tin Can" astronomy for beginners talk from Suki Honey.


Friday 11th November 2022
“A journey through a star: the astrophysics of stellar interiors” by Dr Dimitar Vlaykov, Astrophysics Group - University of Exeter


Friday 9th December 2022
"Clouds, Clouds, Clouds" by Steve Cooke, Committee - Plymouth Astronomical Society. 

Our Chirstmas meeting regularly includes a Christmas Quiz and Raffle.


Friday 13th January 2023
“Great Variable Stars” by Mr Mike Shearer, Member - Plymouth Astronomical Society


Friday 10th February 2023

Astronomy Equipment Evening - A social evening focusing on the tools of the Amateur Astronomer from beginner telescopes and binoculars, to advanced imaging equipment. Featuring a short introductory talk for beginners and those new to astronomy. 


This month also marks the 58th anniversary of the first meeting of the Plymouth Astronomical Society on 25th February 1965!


Thursday 23rd February 2023
Observing Evening - 6.30pm onwards at Wembury Beach car park.

We have an early start to catch a nice grouping of a Crescent Moon, Venus and Jupiter. There will be lots more to see as Orion and its retinue are still on view with Gemini, Leo and Cancer well placed. If cloudy, the backup date will be Friday 24th. Please keep an eye on our Facebook Page for possible cancellation - or just look up!

Observing evenings are free for all to attend. Please check for directions to Wembury Beach car park.


Friday 10th March 2023

“50 plus years of the International Astronomical Youth Camp” by Dr Dan Mortimer, Post Doctoral Research Fellow - University of Exeter

Dan is currently the President of the International Workshop for Astronomy (IWA) which organises this annual event. He will discuss the history of the camp (dating back to 1969), what they are doing now to encourage young people into astrononomy / science and what they hope to do in the future.


Friday 14th April 2023
“Mysteries in the Night Sky” by Dr Mike McCulloch, Geomatics Lecturer - University of Plymouth

"In this talk I'll cover the anomalies that have inspired me, with the caveat that they can/could be seen in the night sky. These include galaxies, globular clusters, wide binary stars, Oumuamua, and one that is not observable, namely Planet X.".


Friday 12th May 2023
“Cecilia Payne-Gaposhkin” by Sheila Evans, Member - Plymouth Astronomical Society


Friday 9th June 2023
"How we share our love of Astronomy" by Brian Sheen, Director of the Roseland Observatory

In this talk Brian will describe how he and his colleagues communicate with the Cornish about the latest excitement that is happening in space. Activities include visits to schools, radio and TV interviews and visits to big local centres including The Eden Project, Spaceport Cornwall and Goonhilly Earth Station.


Friday 14th July 2023
The PAS Summer Quiz and Raffle! A range of astronomically themed items to be raffled, and the honor of being astronomy quizmasters!

This will be followed by the Annual General Meeting (AGM), where a yearly update on the PAS will be given and the comittee will be re-elected.


Meetings normally conclude with a short presentation of "What's in the night sky this month?" by our Committee Member Phil James.


In addition, there are no scheduled PAS meetings in August (2023).


Please note that there will be plenty of time at the meetings for socialising but that refreshments will no longer be served, please feel free to bring a drink and vending machines are available outside.